​Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Create exceptional, reliable medical AI products to bring about revolutionary leaps towards better medical services.

Our Vision 

Use deep learning technologies to drive medical industry into the era of AI.

The Newest Weapon to Fight Cancer

12 Sigma uses deep learning and AI to detect lung cancer nodules earlier and with higher accuracy

​Why 12σ?

As a leading provider of medical image recognition and data analysis systems in the world, we firmly believe that medicine is a rigorous endeavor, and thus we always set high standards for ourselves. Analogous to the "6 Sigma Rule" that epitomizes the quest for perfection with "zero defect", 12 Sigma represents our dedication towards excellence in the pursuit of medical advances.

How Large Is 12σ?

In statistics, we often use the 99.7% rule for 3σ. In other words, with a normal distribution, 99.7% of the sample points will fall within the range between -3σ and +3σ to the mean. One might want to ask: by how much does 12σ approximate 100%?

The probability of a normally distributed random variable to fall within the range between -xσ and +xσ relative to the mean is:  


​When x=12,

How large is 2.7x 10^32 exactly?

If we aggregate 2.7x10^32 grains of sand, we will have enough material to form around 200 earths.

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